Custom Fields

With custom fields, you can define specific options for agenda items to help adapt the software to fit your needs.


Available custom field options are:

  • Single Select
  • Multi Select
  • Ordered List
  • Text
  • Date


Depending on the type of custom field you have chosen there are several options available

Options are Users

This is available for Single Select and Multi-Select and it allows you to add users in the software to this custom field

Displays Banner

Shows banner at the top of an agenda item when viewing it notating the field and it's choice

Available to Public

When an agenda is published and this option is selected than the public will have access to view it's value

Available to Process Builder

Allows you to utilize this custom field when building out your processes

Ordered List

The ordered list option is a special dropdown that only allows regular users to click the next option available and not anything else. Users with manager and administrator rights can choose whichever option they want. This is a great field to build out a specific order for something you need and preventing users from skipping something.