Boards (or Meeting Types) are where you configure all the options for meetings within the software


Agenda Template

The agenda template section is where you will define the topic groups and template topics for meetings when they are created.

Agenda Groups

Agenda Groups are the groups to help organize your published agenda. Each group has a few options available to them.

Closed SessionFor our OnAir clients. This will put the broadcast into closed session mode when choosing any agenda item within that group and bring it back out when choosing a topic not in that group.
Public HearingAllows you to timestamp the start and end of public hearings during a live meeting. These timestamps are then injected into your meeting minutes for you.
Bulk VoteSignifies that any topic within this group can be voted on with a single vote
SubheadingInformation that is typed here then appears directly underneath the groups heading on the published agenda
  • Groups are re-orderable by holding down on the grid icon to the left of the group.
  • When deleting a group you will be prompted to move any template topics within that group to a new group.

Template Topics

When you click on a group it will expand showing any existing template topics and the ability to create new ones. Template topics are the topics that get generated for you when scheduling a new meeting.

When creating or editing a template topic there are a few options available for you.

Item BlurbThis text will appear directly under the title of the topic
Estimated DurationHow long the topic is expected to last
MemoDo you want this item to generate a cover sheet and be clickable on the published agenda
EngageCan the public register to speak or comment on this item


This section is where you will configure the look of your published agenda

Custom Header

Turn this option on and then press click to edit in order to configure the heading of your published agenda.

Custom Text Agenda

Here you are provided with 4 different rich text editors allowing you to customize the top and bottom portions of your published agenda

Custom Text Minutes

Use the Motion Wording section to create a template by which your motion wording is generated into your meeting minutes document. You have several options for recorded information to be injected.

  • Motion Type
  • Motioner Name
  • Seconder Name
  • Vote Result
  • Vote Tally


The options section is where you configure all the customizations desired while running a live meeting. Each option provides information along with it on what it does


On the right side of the screen there is a members slide out. This slide out contains all the members that are part of this board and what their capabilities are during the meeting.

ManagerMember who runs the meeting. (Start / End, Choose Topics, Record Motions, etc.)
AdminThis should be turned on for your mayor or board administrator. Give them the ability to start/stop votes and call on board members
VotingTurn this on for any voting member to allow them to vote
SeatUsed to tell the software where this person will be sitting for the meeting. Key configuration for those using our digital signage and AV integration capabilities.
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