Learn the core concepts of AgendaLink and how it can help you modernize your civic meetings.

*** This documentation site is currently a work in progress as we continue to write up each section and record videos for them ***


At it's core AgendaLink is a modern meeting management solution providing you with the tools you need to successfully oversee all your board meetings.


Actions are the individual agenda items that make up your meetings.

  • Create templates to speed up the process of designing the look for each item.
  • Our modern document editor provides you with the same look and feel you are used to with google docs or microsoft word.
  • Look back at previous versions and restore to any of them if desired
  • Create / Edit / Manage supporting documents or attach external files
  • Create / Manage tasks for each item with capabilities like assigning users, due dates, and priority levels
  • Share items with people outside of your organization via a public link and allow editing rights. Perfect for collaborating with contractors.
  • Any public comments or registered speakers are linked to each item and viewable in the same view


Easy to build and simple to review, Meetings come to life in AgendaLink

  • Multiple views to help organize, design, and build your meetings
  • Reorder an entire group of items with simple drag and drop
  • Add existing items or create new ones that get automatically linked to the meeting
  • Edit individual documents with ease via the document slide out
  • Enable a preview for specific items without publishing the entire agenda to the public
  • Attach a video url from YouTube or Vimeo to enable our video player for the meeting
  • Simple review of completed meetings to help speed up the process of publishing your minutes
  • Extend items to be a part of a different boards meeting in the future with a single click
  • Designer allowing you to customize the headers of your documents
  • Packets are generated behind the scenes as soon as you publish a meeting


Utilize processes to build your approval flows for simple one-click triggers of customizable events

  • Build processes for both meetings and individual items
  • Each process can have as many stages as you need
  • Each stage can have as many actionable characteristics as you need
  • As stages are assigned that actions of that stage then happen automatically with examples like assigning users or an entire team, sending notifications, setting reminders, etc.

Live Meetings

There is where it all began for AgendaLink. Our live meeting capabilities are matched by no one and go way beyond just software.

Data Collection

Record timestamps, motions, motion wording, and votes from our simple user interface while relaying that information to the public through displays in the room, broadcast, and even digital signage across the entire city.

Speakers / Comments

Citiznes who have submitted comments or registered to speak show up automatically for each agenda item. When you call on a citizen to speak you are provided a built in timer that shows the name of the citizen along with the timer wherever you desire.

Hardware Integrations

AgendaLink doesn't stop at just software. Link your meeting room technology to our software to seemlessly control displays, microphones, cameras, and more. Achieve all this capability with no extra effort, the controls happen seemlessly while you run your meeting.

Utilize request to speak? With our hardware integrations watch as the person's mic automatically turns on or off. Want even more? Check on what OnAir can do.

OnAir Broadcasting

OnAir is our automated broadcast capability that can be added with a simple license purchase and the addition of supported hardware.

  • Record and Stream just by starting and ending your meetings (YouTube, Vimeo, Facebook, and more)
  • Automatic layout changes based on what's happening in the meeting. (Show topic info, presentation content, PIP, overlays, and more)
  • Automatic display of motioning information and voting results
  • Layout change and camera preset for presenters
  • Assignable presets per member with automatic preset triggering and video layout changes
  • Easily configurable to support changes or growing needs right inside of the AgendaLink App

Public Portal

What good would all these features be without also providing your citizens with a simple to use portal to access all the information


Citizens can review agendas and minutes either from a calendar view or by filtering via board and time span. The most recent published items are also showcased to easily find the latest information available.

Our agenda viewer is done in a modern way with an interactive web experience. They can easily find the information they are looking for including access to the document for each item with the same styling as you designed with no extra effort. Citizens can see motions, voting, comments submitted by others, and also the names of those who spoke and their position.

Long gone are the days of having to search through pdfs, but if desired they can print or download them with a single click.


Citizen engagement is built into the portal with options to comment or speak on individual agenda items. Once registered they receive an email and text message confirmation.

And most importantly it's all easy. No registering to the portal required.

Video Player

Once a video url is linked to a meeting it enabled the video player for that meeting. Our video player has the look and feel of YouTube while providing all the agenda details including the full document from a single view.

As the meeting plays the information for the current topic automatically updates with no user input.


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Last Modified: 2-23-23