At the core of every meeting are your agenda items which are called Actions in AgendaLink


The list view will show you all the actions ordered by last modified so you always know what's been worked on the latest. To view an action or work on it simply click it.

App Screenshot

Each item provides you a quick glimpse at some of the details.

TitleThe title of the agenda item
StatusTells you if it's assigned to an agenda, published, parts of minutes, etc
BlurbIf the topic has a blurb then it will appear under the title
BoardWhat board the action is assigned to
Created ByName of the user that created it
ProcessIf associated with a process shows here
Agenda GroupWhat agenda group it's assigned to within the board
Last ModifiedWhen it was last edited


You can shrink down the list by utilizing filtering options. Choose you filters and click apply to perform the filter. There is also a text field above the list where you can filter down the current list by title.

Time SpanFilters by Date Created
StatusFilter for just items based on where they stand on a meeting
DepartmentFilter for items assigned to specific departments
BoardsFilter for items of a specific board
Agenda GroupIf you've chosen a board filter you get the additional option to also filter by an agenda group for that board


You can also search for something specific using the search text field. Search by item number, title, presenter, reference file, and blurb.

For example, if you wanted to see anything that had the word Zoning in the title you would type zoning and the search would return all results with that word in the title.

Creating an Action

To create a new action simply press the green plus button at the top of your screen. This will bring up a modal where you can name the item, what board and agenda group it belongs to, district it applied to, and the document template you wish to use.

App Screenshot

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