Running Meetings

Running your meetings provides an interactive digital experience for board members and the public while streamlining the process of capturing minutes details.


When you login to a live meeting you are presented with a standard layout that separates things into 3 sections

  • Left (This is where all the agenda items for the current meeting are listed. Managers press these to advance to the next topic where as Board members can only preview them)
  • Center (This is where the currently selected topic will appear with all the information associated with it including speakers and attachments)
  • Right (This holds the list of all the members currently logged into the meeting. With A/V integrations enabled you can also utilize this list to control microphones)


The meeting manager is the person or persons who run the meeting. This role is the only one that is capable of advancing the live meeting through topics.

Roll Call

Roll call is taken easily for meetings. You can log members into the meeting who aren't interacting digitally otherwise they log themselves into the meeting.


When choosing a topic from the left hand side the information associated with that topic will appear in the middle of the screen for all logged in members and show the information on the live feed output of the software.


Motions are configured in the settings section of the software allowing you to define all the different types of motions you would like available. When recording a motion press the "Add Motion" button to select the type of motion and then choose the motioner and seconder from the dropdown lists that appear on the screen.

App Screenshot


Once the motions have been recorded you can press the "Start Vote" button to enable board members to submit their vote on that item. You also have the ability to manually record a vote for someone by pressing their picture that appears in the middle of your screen. As members submit their vote you will see a blue ring appear around their picture letting you know they've submitted a vote. Once all votes are entered you will presented with the button to end the vote.

Secret Ballot Vote

You can end any vote as a Secret Ballot which won't show how each board member votes when displaying the voting results.

Board Admin

The board admin role is typically used for the Mayor or head of a board. This role allows them to start/end votes, call on individual board members and public speakers.


Members are the general members of a board.

Building agendas