Actions Overview

There are multiple tabs within an Action that change the information you can view and work on.


The overview tab provides general information fields. These fields are individual because they are searchable inside the app and on the public portal.

App Screenshot


Banners will appear at the top depending on certain situations that are laid out below. These help showcase important information about that item.

  • Assigned to a Department
  • Part of a Meeting's Agenda
  • Custom field with the banner option checked

General Fields

BoardWhat board the action is assigned to
Agenda GroupWhat agenda group it's assigned to within the board
Item NumberThe item number either generated or entered
TitleThe title of the agenda item
Reference FileUse this if there's any supporting file number such as a contract number or case number
Presented ByIf there's a presentation that goes along with this topic, this is where you would put the name of the presenter
Assigned DepartmentLet's you know what department this agenda item is currently assigned to
Voting OptionYou can change the default voting option of the agenda item
DistrictIf the action pertains to a certain district or place within the city you would choose that here
Item BlurbThis field can be used to add additional information to go along with the title of the agenda item for displaying on public portal and agenda packets


Adding a blurb to a topic is a great way to add small additional information about a topic to help reduce the length of the item titles. These blurbs are utilized most importantly for public access to easily see a quick synopsis about a topic without having to view the full memo.

Custom Fields

Any custom fields you have created in the software will appear directly after district

Priorities and Plan

This section appears once enabled and setup within the platform settings. Click any checkboxes that this action falls under for city focus. The items clicked appear on the public portal and documents for each item. You can choose as many of the available options as you would like or none at all.