Editing Actions

AgendaLink provides a built-in document editor removing the need to use 3rd party software to copy and paste information into your agenda.


Collaborative Editing

With collaborative editing multiple users can work on agenda item together. Edits sync across all users viewing the document. While only 1 person can edit a document at a time, other users can request editing ability to give control over to them.


Utilize commenting to discuss in real-time with other users on information within the document.

Creating a Comment

To create a comment, highlight a section of text and click the newly visible blue comment icon at the top of the document.

Mention Users

You can mention users by clicking the @ symbol when typing a comment. When commenting another user it will send them a text message notification as well as an email with the comment you mentioned them in.

Resolving Comments

To resolve click the blue checkmark on that comment.

You can review all resolved comments by clicking "Resolved". This will show you not only the comment discussion but when it was resolved and who resolved it.

Deleting comments is only allowed for the user who originally created it.


When making major changes to documents a previous version is created allowing you to review changes. Older version can be restored as the active information by using our version review.


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